Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Isn't it fun that we do more than just sing together?"

I ran the Wasatch Woman Love Your Body 6k this morning.  A route through the Thanksgiving Point gardens made for a beautiful run...despite the unexpected 40 degree temps and overcast skies.

I did this run last year with another friend.  (See here)  It was chilly...being October and all...but sunny and beautiful.  We had a great time.  So it wasn't hard to convince my sister Katie and my cute soprano friends Linda and Georgia to join me this year.  In fact, Linda and Georgia were so excited, they invited their daughters to run with us as well.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't as beautiful as last year.  And although I normally quite enjoy running in the colder temperatures...I had hyped this run to my newbie racing friends and they were a bit nervous about the threatening rain.  We had all sorts of back and forth messages about what to wear.  Thankfully the rain tapered off by the time we started running.  Katie, being the most experienced runner of us all, opted to run the 10k but the rest of us ran together.  It's a great course...running on gravel trails, cobblestone paths and asphalt roads.  Through gardens, past waterfalls.  Uphills and downhills.  Despite the less than stellar weather conditions, we all had a great time and felt really good about our race.  We're talking about making it a yearly tradition.  As Georgia said, "Isn't it fun that we do more than just sing together?  Oh and eat!"  :) 

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MELISSA said...

I'll stick with the singing and eating and leave the running to you gals. Maybe I'll come to races and pass out water bottles - or I'll just stay home in my warm house eating banana bread and hot chocolate.