Thursday, October 13, 2011

I win "Mother of the Year"

Seriously, people.  Is that not the cutest sleeping face EVER??

And yes, she is indeed sleeping her in clothes.  But that's nothing.  Yesterday??  Yeah, yesterday I sent Lilian to preschool in a mismatching skirt and shirt, black ballet slippers and uncombed hair.  In my defense, I did try!  I offered a different pair of pants to match the shirt.  I tried to get her to stand still long enough to brush her hair.  But we were running late....and I was driving carpool.  She liked how she looked.  The shirt and skirt?  Mismatched patterns to be sure, but the colors coordinated.  Ballet slippers?  Well, ballet flats are in style right now.  And her hair wasn't THAT tangled!  Besides...she's FOUR years old.  And I've never claimed to be that kind of mom that dresses her kid in the perfect outfit from Gymboree complete with matching tights, shoes and hair bows.  Darling as it may be, it's just not me OR Lilian.  So off to preschool she went in her eclectic outfit.

Fast forward two hours....

Lilian climbs into the truck with her two carpool buddies in tow.  I buckle them in and start driving away to Lilian's pronouncement of, "Mom, I don't have any underpants on."
My mind quickly rewinds to earlier in the day when I had asked Lilian to find a pair of underpants out of her dresser drawer and put them on.  It's only too obvious that she didn't do it.  
So not only am I the mother that sends my daughter to preschool in mismatching clothes and messy hair...I'm also the mother that sends her daughter to school going "commando."  In a skirt, no less!!  She claims she was careful and didn't inform telling OR accidentally flashing.
The crown for "Mother of the Year" is sitting firmly atop my head.    


Dayna's thoughts on that... said...

We all got a kick out of your post today, because we've all worn that crown at some point in the parenting game!! HILARIOUS!! I loved her announcement that she was commando the best :>)

MELISSA said...

wow! Can I share that will all the moms at work? That's awesome. I guess I won't feel bad about sending Maddy without her hari brushed - that's the least of the troubles I could soon face in the coming years.

Shauna said...

That commando bit has me laughing out loud. My 4 yr old also puts together some mighty interesting outfits, but even if he goes sans underpants it just doesn't have the charm of a little girl in a skirt heading to preschool without her underoos and telling mom about it after the fact...I'm loving it!

Mylissa said...

You made my funny! I think most mom's have had this experience, but you captured it perfectly! At least it wasn't a freezing cold day:) And you are an awesome mom!

MG said...

Made my day..what a good story.

Kim Anderson said...

Can she be any more wonderful? This has got to be one of the best photos. Ever. And I had to laugh at your recounting of the day. You are so great to have a sens eof humor about parenting.