Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 22: Sunset

Disclaimer for Ten June Readers:

My foray into this photography challenge has been a little different than yours.  I have been using a slightly different list.  Also, instead of taking a picture a day and then writing one post per week....I have been doing a post per daily photo assignment.  Which, though has been fun because I can really flesh out each subject...means it's pretty much all I've been blogging about lately!   

So here is my Day 22: Sunset

And if you are are links to the rest of my week 15-19:

I kind of cheated a little bit.  Today is supposed to be "trees."  But TOMORROW we have plans to head up the canyon to see the colors....trees galore!  So I switched the days.  Besides...tomorrow at sunset I will be in a rehearsal and won't have a chance to snap a pic anyhow.

As it was, I almost didn't get these shots.  Lilian, Julianne and I were having a glorious time shopping our way through Tai Pan and Hobby Lobby....home decor on our minds.  By the time we made it to the parking lot, it was almost 7:00.  I had the camera in the car with me and knew (from my drive home around the same time a few days ago) that my best shot of the sunset would be from the overpass heading into the west side of town.  Despite driving as fast as we could, I was worried we would still miss it.  Much to the bewilderment of my fellow drivers on the road, we pulled over at the very top of the overpass and I jumped out with my camera, snapping pictures crazily.  Here are my favorite two.  The sky is all pretty, yes...but what I really like are the street lamps lining the overpass and the contrast they bring to the picture.  
This picture was to be my Plan B if I couldn't get a picture of the sunset.  It was taken a few years ago, rather than today.  And I'm IN the picture, rather than behind the camera.  But this shot on Antelope Island at the Great Salt Lake  has always been one of my favorites so I thought I would include it in today's post despite the fact that my Plan A came through.


MELISSA said...

wow!!! They are really beautiful - all of them. You are right, those street lamps make the picture. Good job.

DisabilityDiva said...

Beautiful pictures!! i love the lamps and you having fun with your family!!!

Dusty Coyote said...

Amazing shots! I love the color of the lights against the sky. Incredible sunset, great family picture.