Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 14: Flowers

I was very excited to discover that today's assignment gave me the excuse to buy myself some flowers!  (Not that I ever really need an excuse...)

Lest you get the idea that I'm a roses only sort of gal, I claim to love any and all varieties of flowers.  Favorites include day lilies (a sentimental favorite...I had them in my wedding bouquet), tulips and irises.  But I readily admit to a fondness for roses, despite their stereotypical nature of being the be all, end all flower for romance, love and passion.  And while I'm a great proponent of all three of those things...when Bryan gave me the option to pick out my own Valentines Day bouquet this past February, I opted for white daisies.

Still...despite the fact that they cost too much and die too fast...I find myself buying roses fairly frequently.  For one, I love the scent.  The bunch I bought today are so fragrant I can smell them throughout the whole kitchen, not just when I bury my face in the vase-full.  For two, have you ever read "Beauty" or "Rose Daughter" by Robin McKinley?  Both books, re-tellings of the Beauty and the Beast story.  And both books (especially "Rose Daughter") incorporate roses heavily into the narration.  I've read these books numerous times, as they are special favorites of mine, and they have developed in me a real fascination and love for roses.

Today's roses I bought specifically because I really liked the colors...pale yellow with pink tipped edges.  So I find it a little ironic that the pictures I liked best and used for this post were the ones that I tweaked in Picasa.  Maybe the reason is because it forces me to look beyond the vibrant, beautiful colors that roses tend to have, and focus more on the delicate shape of the actual petals.     

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Dusty Coyote said...

Right! I see the actual details of the rose more without the color. These are spectacular.