Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 15: My Shoes

I was going to model for you, my favorite pair of shoes.  But I couldn't choose.  Because I have A LOT of shoes.  Different types, colors, styles and functions.  I counted today.  There are 52 pairs of shoes in my closet.  How could I choose just one?
So here is a small sampling of my collection...

1.  My favorite pair of summer flip flops  (Can't beat $5 at Old Navy.)
2.  The newest pair of shoes in my closet
3.  My 5 inch stilettos
4.  The shoes Bryan thinks are hideous but Julianne loves and can't wait to borrow
5.  The shoes Bryan loves but I think are....unique  (He has 3 pair of his own.)
6.  The shoes I get the most compliments on
7.  My rain boots  (They match my green trench coat.)
8.  The boots I wear most in the winter
9.  The shoes I stole from my sister Rachel when she was on her mission
10. My bling-iest shoes
11. My hooker boots
12. My running shoes
13. My character shoes
14. My ballet shoes
15. The oldest pair of shoes in my closet
16. The most comfortable shoes in my closet
17. My biking shoes
18. My cowboy boots
19. My one and only pair of traditional flats  (All flats give me blisters.)
20. The shoes I am wearing today

1 comment:

Sarah said...

LOVE all your shoes, very cute. I'm a shoe lover myself. :)