Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 18: In My Bag

This is my bag....aka purse.  I have numerous colors, sizes and styles of bags.  This one here is the newest which means it is the one I'm the most enamored of at the moment.  It suits my needs well...those needs being a bag large enough to hold a book and have pockets to store, and therefore easily find, my keys and cell phone.  Pretty, yes?

Here's your first glance of what is inside:
Messy and disorganized.  Hmmm....let's see what we can do about that.

Here we go.  What is "in my bag" all nice and labeled for you.

A few side-notes...
*I have two wallets in my purse.  The black one has been my wallet for years now...but when I went to Disneyland a few months ago I transferred the basics to this smaller owl wallet for easier carrying purposes.  And I so loved using it because, as I mentioned yesterday, I'm a little obsessed with owls lately.  But it doesn't fit everything.  So I carry around two.  I should really try to figure out a better system....
*The "fragile bird" is Lilian's.  When it was gifted to her last Christmas we explained that it was fragile so she needed to be careful with it.  Thus the official name "fragile bird" was born.
*The tylenol, cough drops and water have been making the rounds with me the past few days as I have tried to fight a cold while singing at various rehearsals.
*Bryan thinks the aviator sunglasses are ridiculous and teases me about being a wannabe pilot.
*The aforementioned book.  This week, "Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson
*Free asphault pie at Wingers!!  I'd forgotten that was in there!
*The silicon gel packs?  I found those in the corner of a pocket.  This bag must be a somewhat recent purchase if I still have those floating around.
*Glasses for nighttime driving.
*A receipt from Paradise Bakery...couldn't resist stopping for a ginger molasses cookie this morning.
*Lipstick, gum, tampon, pens, change and cell phone...self explanatory, yes?
*I swear that isn't an already-been-used kleenex....
*Random blue pill...yeah, not sure what that is.


MELISSA said...

oh, I liked that book, very interesting.

Dayna's thoughts on that... said...

Ok, so what is "fragile bird" doing floating around in your purse in October??