Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 28: Daily Routine

My daily routine?  It changes daily!  There are some constants, though, and this is one of them.  This child is a night owl.  Which means that long after her siblings have gone down to their rooms, I generally find her in front of her netbook finishing homework...or on the couch reading, or sitting in front of the TV.  And I end up repeatedly telling her to go to bed at least 3x before she actually winds her way down the stairs and to her bedroom.

My daily routine yesterday looked something like this:
*Drive Jr. High carpool 7:50 AM.
*Send Rebekah out the door to her high school carpool 8:15 AM.  (Tuesday late start schedule)
*Send Brandon of to the bus stop 8:25 AM.
*Discuss day and other issues with Bryan and kiss him goodbye.
*Check email and FB and write a blog post while drinking my slimfast breakfast.
*Lilian wakes.  Snuggle time and breakfast.
*Sort clean laundry.
*Phone calls about ballet carpool.
*Get Lilian dressed and off to ballet 10:50 AM.
*Take a shower and get ready for the day.
*More laundry.
*Lilian arrives home.  Changes out of her ballet clothes (reluctantly) and eats lunch.
*Look up recipes, make a dinner menu and a grocery list.
*Send Lilian off to preschool 12:50 PM.
*Volunteer at the elementary school stuffing folders for Brandon's teacher.
*Grocery shopping.  Buy lots of autumn type foods and Halloween candy.  Chat with the employees...they know me well.
*Unload groceries and make the frenchbread pizza that I have just purchased, for lunch.
*Pick up Jr. High carpool kids 3:00 PM.
*More laundry.
*Texts back and forth about gymnastics carpool.  Brandon leaves with carpool.  Bryan will bring boys home later.
*Act as fashion consultant in helping Rebekah find an appropriate outfit to wear to her choir concert. (No trip to the mall...whew!)
*Make lasagna for dinner and leave it in the fridge, uncooked.
*Send Julianne off to a Young Women service activity 6:00 PM.
*Gather Lilian and Rebekah and  head to the high school.
*Watch Rebekah's concert.  (She had a solo!  So proud!)  Great concert...lousy company.  NEVER taking Lilian again.
*Come home to find Bryan, Brandon and Julianne home and lasagna cooking in the oven 8:40 PM.
*EAT DINNER TOGETHER.  Ahhhh....  9:20 PM.
*Do dishes, vacuum kitchen floor, fold some laundry.
*Lilian falls asleep on my bed.  Brandon and Rebekah go to their rooms.
*Convince Julianne it's time for bed after repeatedly reminding her.  10:30PM.
*Sit down at the computer to write this post only to find the internet extremely sluggish. 
*Go to bed. 

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