Monday, August 31, 2009

A Girl Who Likes Hats...

It's a book cover that Lilian is using for a hat. She found it in Julianne's bag and promptly put it on her head making everyone we ran into at church yesterday chuckle. I think she looks like Batman, what do you think?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Brutal honesty from a 2 year old...

Me: "Lilian, don't throw those beads on the floor or you're going to make Mommy mad!"
Lilian: "I WANT to make Mommy mad!"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Depeche Mode

Bryan and I (belatedly) celebrated our anniversary last night by going to the Depeche Mode concert. Neither one of us are big concert goers but this was a group that both of us really enjoyed in high school so we thought it might be fun to get tickets. And wow! We had great seats! Row 14 on the floor...just left of center. We were so excited that we'd be able to see so incredibly well. And then Depeche Mode took the stage...and everyone jumped out of their seats to dance...and stayed that way for the ENTIRE concert. So I still found myself craning my neck and peeking around heads. And I started thinking that those people up in the bowl with the stadium seating could see better than we could! Honestly, though. With a beat like that, a beat that you can feel literally thumping in your chest, how can you not get up and dance? I could not stand still. Actually tried, but could not stand still. And being that near the stage meant that I saw up-close and personal details of the singers. They weren't just little figures bouncing around on stage. They were real people with sweat and eye liner and body glitter.But just as much as I enjoyed watching the band, I watched the audience. I've never seen so many "thirty-somethings" in one place before! A few people in their teenagers at all. And they were all singing these songs word for word, hands in the air, heads bopping in rhythm. Bryan and I shared quite a few humorous smiles as we watched the people around us.
And now I'm wondering if my kids, who probably see us as old and out of it, think we're cool for going to a rock concert? Or if they think we're foggies for going to a rock concert of a group that they've never even heard of before.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Mom,

The pictures and information in this post I figured would most interest you, hence the title. I want to again thank you for sharing your love of this picture with me. As you know, I immediately went out and bought the book. Obviously I'm going to have to buy it again now that I've cut this picture out and had it framed! But, like you, I loved the picture enough that I wanted to be able to see it every day. Do you like how it turned out?

And the bookshelf. It was because of you that I decided I wanted a bookshelf in my bedroom like you had in yours. And so I bought that skinny one that fit so perfectly in the bedroom of my old house. But seeing as my bedroom is much bigger in our new home, that little bookshelf looked kind of lost on the wall. And so for the past 2 years I have been looking....on-line, in catalogs, at various stores...for a bigger bookshelf. Basically I was looking to buy a twin of yours. I found this one at Costco a couple of weeks ago and, much to Bryan's dismay, insisted on buying it immediately. Julianne was thrilled to inherit our skinny bookshelf which matches her bedroom furniture so perfectly. And don't you think the new one looks nice? Bryan has commented that it seems silly to have such a big bookshelf...that we can't even begin to fill it. Don't worry, I told him. We're still young with plenty of book buying still to come.

I found this quote at the elementary school library. They have vinyl quotes placed all around the room up near the ceiling...kind of like crown molding. It made me smile as I thought of your house. And how I am turning more into you every day with bookshelves in each of the kids rooms and throughout my own house.

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." Cicero

I love you, Mommy

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

The kids woke up bright and early, so anxious were they for the new year to begin. Rebekah is heading to 8th grade and feeling so much more comfortable today than last year when Jr. High was still new. Julianne is a big fish in the pond as a 6th grader this year. And Brandon rounds out the bunch, excited to be in the 3rd grade. After sending Rebekah off a bit earlier Lilian and I walked the other two down to the bus stop. Lilian, seeing the other kids with their backpacks, insisted on bringing a bag of her own. And then was quite disappointed when I told her she couldn't get on the bus with everyone else...that she could only watch. So things are quiet at my house right now. After a whirlwind, crazy, busy summer it seems a little strange. But strange in a good way. I'm rather excited and relieved to have some structure to our days.

See Rebekah's shirt? I picked it out at the store....and she not only agreed that it was cute but she wanted to buy it and wear it on the first day of school! Usually she shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head when I suggest that an item of clothing is cute. Will miracles never cease??

Don't look too closely at the weeds in my flower's on my list of things to do. Sigh.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Locker Decor

A trip to the craft store, a visit to Target and countless hours with a circle cutter, the hot glue gun, scissors and tape has yielded a locker decor masterpiece for the 2009-2010 school year.
Behold the artists and their creation:And yes, in case you were wondering, Rebekah can easily fit into her locker....she's tried it.

Soccer With Sticks...

I know nothing about Lacrosse but apparently it is the newest, most exciting sport with all the boys in our neighborhood. This past Monday we signed Brandon up for a week long Lacrosse day camp with a few of his friends at the Sportsplex nearby. When I asked what Lacrosse was all about one mother described it as soccer with sticks...with a little football thrown in on top of it all. Hmmm. Brandon came home smiling and tired each day. But as much fun as he had I don't think he's itching to join a team. He's not so much a team sport kind of a kid...more into individual sports. He starts gymnastics in September. We'll see how that goes.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Last Summer Swim

We took the camera to Cherry Hill today. The kids went all photo crazy...I think they took at least 60 pictures. Don't be alarmed...I'm not planning to share them ALL with you. Just four that were sweet or funny or just jumped out at me.

Water fight! Need I say more?

Lilian loves these slushie drinks. She calls them "flushies" which cracks me up every time. "Mommy, can I have a flushie?"

Lilian so rarely will sit with me on the tube in the lazy river, let alone actually snuggle. She must have been tired today.

With a waterproof camera the kids think it's loads of fun to take pictures of themselves underwater. I'm not sure what Rebekah was doing but the bubbles make me laugh.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today's harvest included cherry tomatoes and zucchini. I'm thinking a salad with some of those fresh tomatoes, basil (also from the garden) and big chunks of fresh mozarella cheese sounds really yummy right about now....

When Brandon came home and found the fancy salad (much fancier than I was originally planning. Bryan took over...need I say more?) he asked, "Are these tomatoes homemade?" I chuckled inwardly at his word choice and nodded in the affirmative. "Oh good!" he replied. "I love homemade tomatoes!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Post-Production Depression

I'm experiencing Post-Production Depression. You know how you spend the whole month of December getting ready for Christmas....parties, shopping, Christmas music and treats. The anticipation building up, up, up till the actual day is finally here! And it's wonderful and amazing! And then the next day you experience a let down when you realize that no matter how fabulous it had been, no matter how nice it is to have the chance to's all over. That's how I'm feeling about "Pirates of Penzance."

Friday, August 7, 2009


See these two girls? They have been my angels this past week. I've had huge, long rehearsals every evening since Tuesday. Bryan has also had an unexpectedly busy week and has been away much of the time. And these sweet angels have more or less taken over running house and home and making sure all is well with Lilian and Brandon. A few days ago I came home from rehearsal late, late and found this in the hallway outside my bedroom....strategically placed so I would be sure to see it when I got home.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A quote from Brandon

"Mommy, will you pay me $15 if I help you clean my room?"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Pirates of Penzance

Most of you probably know that I am in rehearsals for a production of "The Pirates of Penzance" this summer. I play the part of Mabel which is the romantic lead. It's been tiring, certainly. My summer is a lot busier than I thought it would be...even knowing in advance of the rehearsal schedule. But it has been so rewarding, so much fun, so many new friends made. I'm very thankful for the opportunity and experience. We had a photo shoot yesterday morning.... here's a few shots.

 Mabel and Frederic

The leads

The police sergeant and his timid and silly police force.

The pirate king with his hilarious pirate band.

The whole cast

Major General Stanley and his proper English daughters.