Sunday, October 30, 2011

That's a pretty big "Ooops!"

We had a bit of an accident at our house this afternoon....

Our family car is a Ford F-150 truck.  They don't call them "Ford Tough" for nothing.
Pulling into the driveway on the way home from church Bryan suddenly got his foot stuck.  Pressing on the gas..but wedged in tight somehow between the pedal and the wall.
We all watched in horror as the closed garage door came closer and closer....


But then it just got worse.
Because that Ford Tough truck wasn't fazed by the garage door.
Or the humongous metal weight equipment in the back of the garage.  Or the actual wall behind that.  We flattened the weight set and plowed right on through the wall.  Where we finally, blessedly, came to a stop...hanging out over the stairs in the backyard leading down to the back basement door.

 Should I admit to the swear words that involuntarily left my mouth?
With glass everywhere and the truck tilting at a very odd angle (only one tire still touching the ground) we all shakily climbed out one of the back doors.  I immediately grabbed the camera.  Pictures for the insurance company taking only slight precedent in my mind, over pictures for the blog.

 (Look, look!!  We missed my bike!  It didn't get smashed!  Phew!)

My knees hadn't even stopped shaking before we had neighbors in work clothes coming over to survey the devastation and ask what they could do to help.  A bunch of men took down the precariously hanging garage door.  Another neighbor with a truck even more monstrous than ours attached a tow rope and hauled our truck out of the hole in the wall.  Another (in his church clothes, no less) got down on the ground to assess any potential damage to the undercarriage.  Numerous men offered Bryan a ride to and from work this week.  Numerous women offered me the use of their cars when I started lamenting the six carpools I am involved with.  We even got a few offers from neighbors wanting to bring us dinner.  One sweet friend stayed a good 45 minutes to comfort Lilian who couldn't stop crying (though she wasn't hurt, she was plenty traumatized).....and then comfort me when I suddenly and unexpectedly started crying myself.  (Delayed reaction, I guess.)

So we will be having a long talk with our insurance agent tomorrow.  Conveniently, the same company covers both our car AND our house.

 (We had a slew of neighbor kids hanging around and watching the action.  Made for quite a change in what is normally a fairly low key Sunday afternoon.  In this picture they are anxiously waiting for the truck to get pulled out of the hole....)

Blessings?  There are plenty.
*No one was injured.
*The airbags didn't deploy.
*We went up and over the metal weight equipment instead of having it come through the front windshield.
*We went through the 3rd car garage rather than the other side...which would have potentially landed us in the kitchen rather than the backyard.
*The wall we went through wasn't load bearing.
*We have the best neighbors in the world.
*Oh, and did I mention NO ONE WAS INJURED!!!  


Croft Family said...

Glad everyone is ok. Bet that was a very scary way to enter your garage.

Dayna's thoughts on that... said...

Very scary. You all have every right to be traumatized! Glad you're all okay, and that the only damages were to "things" and not people! Just tell Bryan that it's a good excuse to upgrade that weight equipment!

Mindy said...

Oh my gosh that is so scary. I'm so glad you all are ok. Like Dayna said it's just stuff to be replaced, it could have been so much worse. Love you. I'm here to if you need anything, just call me i'd be happy to help.

Heather said...

wow! That's an adventurous Sunday afternoon. I'm so glad you are all okay! I love how you are able to write of complete chaos with such humor and a positive attitude. You inspire me. Love you guys! Let me know what we can do to help.

Jan T. said...

Ooohh My Goodness! That is so scary - glad no one was hurt! You'll have to post pictures of the progress!