Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 29: Purchased

After finding myself in Draper with a canceled rehearsal and, therefore, some time to kill, I decided to go to IKEA.  It's a store that I don't visit often because of its distance away from my home, but is always on my list of favorite places to shop.  My trip there last week resulted in me bringing home this beauty.

Here...let me give you a better idea of how truly awesome this purchase is....
It's a canvas wrapped 78"x55" world map.  And I think it's about the coolest thing ever.  Chalk it up to the geekiness that comes from taking enough classes to earn a history degree...but I get a big kick out of geography.  (History and geography...the two go hand in hand.)

And just where did I find enough wall space to hang this mammoth map?
In our downstairs TV room.  The room is huge.  And had next to nothing hanging on the walls.  There's a whole decorating theme getting started down there.  Stay tuned for more updates on that.  But in the can enjoy this sneak peak of the sweetness that is my IKEA canvas map!