Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Giddy with excitement

This girl just accepted delivery from UPS of an Amazon package.  A package, she was delighted to find, containing a few books she has been just itching to read.  This picture is not posed....I found her literally hugging her books, absolutely giddy.  My guess is that during this UEA four-day weekend we will find Julianne holed up in her favorite reading chair, unresponsive and incommunicable as she devours her new books.  Anyone want to take bets as to how many she will finish by Sunday night?


Mary said...

So....what did she get?

Sarah said...

Mary...she got "The Death Cure" in the Maze Runner Trilogy and "Divergent"...a dystopian genre novel that Mom recommended. She's also reading a series called The Queen's Thief. So she's got 3 books to keep her entertained this weekend.

Mary said...

Oh yippee. "The Death Cure" is out! I knew it was coming soon I just didn't know when. I just finished "The Scorch Trials" a few weeks ago and didn't realize that there was a third. So glad that I didn't have to wait too long. What fun reading.