Friday, October 28, 2011


I finished this photo challenge yesterday.  Somehow it seems strange to be done...the 30 days went by rather fast.  And I almost feel at a loss.  Because it has SO consumed me this past month...being on my mind each and every day.  Some days were easy.  Some days were hard.  Sometimes it was difficult to figure out WHAT to take a picture of, how to interpret the assignment.  Other days it was getting the actual picture.  Whether that meant I had to make the time to drive somewhere out of my way, or just getting the shot I wanted to turn out the way I envisioned...seeing as my photography experience is limited.  But the spur of the moment decision to take on this challenge has turned into a better experience than I expected.  And I learned a lot.

I learned more about the various settings on my camera, about photo editing, about taking pictures from different and (perhaps) unexpected angles and of looking at the world through the eyes of a photographer...finding beauty in normal and mundane things, appreciating the color, texture and personality of things around me.  

But as if that wasn't enough already, I also hugely enjoyed trying to make each day's post more than just a photo I took...a story or experience behind the reason I chose interpret that day's assignment the way I did or the experience I had getting the actual shot.   

Who that I don't have the pressure of doing a post-per-day I might just take an extended leave of absence from my blog...

(Yeah that's going to happen!  I'm way too prolific and wordy for that!)

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Dayna's thoughts on that... said...

PLEASE don't take a leave of absence!!