Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 16: What I Ate

Disclaimer for Ten June readers:
My foray into this photography challenge has been a little different than yours.  I have been using a slightly different list.  Also, instead of taking a picture a day and then writing one post per week....I have been doing a post per daily photo assignment.  Which, though has been fun because I can really flesh out each subject...means it's pretty much all I've been blogging about lately!  
So here is my Day 16: What I Ate

And if you are are links to the rest of my week 15-19:

This was my breakfast this morning.
Don't judge.
The caramel apple candy corns were a gift from my sweet friend Kim.  I came home after my rehearsal last night to find the package on my doorstep.  This in response to me admitting earlier this week that though I love candy corns, I'd never tasted the caramel apple variety.
So this morning while reading blogs and checking emails I drank hot chocolate and ate candy corns.
It's just one of those kind of days.


Dayna's thoughts on that... said...

Sounds like a perfect sugar high to me :>)

Emily @ EAKaHouse said...

There is nothing wrong with candy for breakfast!

Michelle @ Ten June said...

Great shot! And it's ok, I had two mini Crunch bars for breakfast this morning : ) Dang that Halloween candy!