Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 19: Where I Slept

This is where I sleep.
I share a queen bed with that cute man I call my husband.
He got some fleece sheets from his parents for Christmas.
They are super warm.  
But though there were a few nights I thought I just might melt, (temperature, people...July is HOT) we kept them on all throughout the summer instead of switching them out for some cooler cotton ones.  
Because these fleece sheets are also incredibly soft.
I go to bed usually between 11:30 PM and midnight.
My alarm rings at 6:30 AM but I tend to hit the snooze alarm a couple of times.
I'm a two-pillow sleeper.
I have to sleep on the right side of the bed.
And I feel really gypped if I don't get to read at least a page or two of my book before turning off the lamp and falling asleep.

 Looks much better when the bed is actually made, don't you think?

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MELISSA said...

I have flannel sheets and I love them - however, fleece sheets . . . i can only dream about those. Scott would never be able to handle that but I think I would LOOOOVVVVEE them.