Sunday, November 20, 2011


....started with this:
I bought three tickets when Courtney came to the door a few years ago...deciding that we'd go support Rebekah's little friend in what surely would be a sweet but probably amateur production of The Nutcracker Ballet.  More, even, than pleasantly surprised...I was stunned at just how good the production actually was!  Impressed already that the performance was being held at at Weber State University's fancy theatre in their performing arts building, I was even more delighted when the opening notes of that famed Tchaikovsky music gave proof of a LIVE orchestra....a GOOD, live orchestra.  I realized at that point, that somehow, as familiar as I was with the story and music, I'd NEVER seen the ballet!  The colorful costumes and sets, the cute and talented dancers... the principles on loan from Ballet West (!!!) dancing the big parts.  Holy wow!  By the end of the performance, I was in raptures...and a new yearly tradition was born.
Rebekah, Julianne and I attended for our fourth time yesterday morning.  And I cried...literally cried at the sheer beauty of it all.
 Zoe: Arabian, Jessica: Oriental Servant, Lauren: Red Soldier, Julianne: Audience Member

I think we counted 14 girls from our neighborhood participating in the ballet.  It was fun to try and pick them out under all their costumes and heavy make-up.  I also paid close attention to the littlest ballerinas this time.  Lilian just started taking ballet from this same ballet academy a few months ago...which means that in another couple years, we might be watching her up on that stage.

and ended with this:
Culture to pop culture.... 
"Breaking Dawn" is the epitome of a "chick flick."  Which means that it makes one heck of a great Girls Night Out.  We had dinner first, at The California Pizza Kitchen...gabbing and eating (mostly healthily because I live in a very health conscious neighborhood...lots of salads on that table.)  We were joined by even more friends at the movie, taking up almost a whole row up near the top of the theater.  Healthy eating went out the window by the time we hit movie go time, with most of us holding buckets of popcorn in our laps and sodas in the cup holders.  Cheesy movie...yes.  As with most cases like this, I prefer the books over the movies.  But we relished that cheese and had ourselves quite the fun evening.
Proud to be Team Edward!
Brandi and I both wore shirts sharing our team affiliation...
Silly?  Of course.
Feeling a little like 16 year old in a 38 year old body?  Yep.
Tons of fun all the same?  Definitely!!   

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