Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Decor and Cute Girls

We've done cinnamon cloves in oranges before...but never in mini pumpkins.  Cute, right?  And it smells so festive too!  Lilian wanted to help me so, although I probably could've done it in half the time by myself, I let her crawl up onto my lap and push the cloves in after I had poked the holes.  And lest you think I'm this creative on my own...I got the idea from Ten June, another blog I enjoy reading. 

Want to see some more cuteness...but so much better than random Thanksgiving decor?  Take a look at these cuties....

Jessica, Zoe, Lauren, Julianne and Paige


Anonymous said...

Love the Thanksgiving Pumpkins! Very cute idea.

Croft Family said...

I was at your house yesterday and it is decoarted beautifully, but not as beautifull as those girls...especially Julianne!!!