Friday, November 18, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday: Little Turkeys

A Thanksgiving themed Family Home Evening in 1999 with the cousins.
Megan, Jordan, Rebekah and Julianne

This picture was taken twelve years ago. 
Which means that these little toddlers are now teenagers....
How crazy is that?

I could go into all sorts of philisophical musings about the way time flies.
I could ponder on the difference between raising my oldest child vs. raising my youngest {I don't tend to do cutsie crafts like this with Lilian...} and how I feel about it.
I could delve deep into the relationships between these cousins and how they have changed over the years.
I could even go all out on my Pilgrim ancestors and why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  {Actually, you can probably expect a post like that early next week...}

But I'm going to do none of the above tonight.  Because I am way too tired..... 

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Croft Family said...

This is how I picture those cute little ones. Jordan so anxious for Rebekah to get there so he could play with