Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our flock of birds

Meet the two newest members of our family...
It took us days to actually name them.  Ideas flew fast and furious but we couldn't settle on anything until last night.

Bryan picked out this one so we offered him the privilege of naming her.  He decided on "Dren"...after some sci fi movie he once watched.  I looked up the movie on-line today...and discovered that not only does Dren = Nerd backwards but apparently our bird is named after a character that appears to be a deranged DNA mutant experiment gone bad.  I can only assume that Bryan just thought the name was cool.  If Dren starts murdering all her fellow birdmates in her cage, I will really start to worry....

In keeping with the sci fi theme, this bird was officially named "River"...as in the character River Song from "Dr. Who."  River herself is also somewhat of a mutant...having Time Lord DNA and therefore having the ability to regenerate.  River has also killed her fair share of alien baddies.  So we'll be watching our River closely for any evidence of time traveling or imminent regeneration.  

Pepper, Titi, River and Dren
(We're wondering if Dren and Titi have a thing for each other.  They sure seem to spend a lot of time making out.)
We think Max (the grandfather of the group) had a stroke.  He spends all his time down on the floor of the cage.  He walks funny and looks pretty hammered.  He can't fly anymore and I don't think he can see, poor thing.  He gets flipped over with his wings stuck in the bars of the cage daily.  We come running when we hear a frantic flapping sound, untangle him and cuddle him till his little heart stops pounding.  I'm always surprised when I get up each morning, to find him still alive and waddling around.     

So that's our little flock.  Or, as a friend commented, our very own "angry birds."  :)  Realistically they are all happy little things making all sorts of high pitched cheerful noises... in increasingly higher decibel levels now that there are five of them.   But we love them and are endlessly entertained by them.

Update 10 November, 2011

Max died today....just two days after writing this post.  It doesn't come as a surprise but is still sad all the same.  He seemed fine this morning.  Well, not fine really....seeing as we've watched his quality of life deteriorate dramatically over the past couple of months.  But he was up and moving around when we took the cover off the cage this morning.  Around noon I found him laying on his side on the bottom of the cage, clearly gone.  In a way, I'm relieved.  I have no idea how much pain he might have been in.  I'm glad he doesn't have to suffer anymore.  But oh, how we will miss our Max!


MELISSA said...

ah, makes me miss my birds. Rachel can now make fun of you being "bird lady" instead of just me like she used to. Of course, I think we topped out at 6 birds but you are close. when you said River I thought you were going to mention the show "Firefly" that still would fit with the sci-fi theme. What a great series that was.

Mindy said...

They are all so pretty. That's sad about the "grandfather", poor little bird.