Saturday, November 12, 2011

Date Night at the Movies

 Tonight was date night.  We had dinner at Thaifoon where I ordered the Evil Jungle Princess Shrimp.  Though the description on the menu had not just one, but two chili pepper symbols indicating some serious heat, I was less than impressed with the spiciness of my dish.  It was still really yummy though.

But the real noteworthy event of date night was the near miracle that allowed us to find a movie Bryan and I BOTH were interested in seeing.  This so very rarely happens.  Realistically, neither one of us tends to see movies in the theater very often.  But maybe that is because we have such different tastes in film that it usually necessitates seeing movies individually or not at all.

Bryan likes action flicks, science fiction and sometimes even horror.  And if there are aliens or superheros thrown in the mix, all the better.  Usually the movies he wants to see I can't handle.  Lack of interest, yes...but mostly, it's about being a first class chicken.  I WILL have nightmares.  No maybes about it.  Remember "The Sixth Sense?"  I didn't watch it when it came out, despite the rave reviews.  Bryan, even, loved it because it so took him by surprise which is rare.  People told me I should see the movie.  It wasn't scary, just intense, they said.  But I had two little toddlers at the time who frequently cried in the night and needed Mama.  There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would "see dead people" as I wandered down the hall at night to comfort my children.  Because my mind just works that way.  I didn't see "The Sixth Sense" until just a few months ago...and even then I didn't see the whole thing.  But I had nightmares all the same.  See?  First class chicken.

Me, on the other hand?  I love rom-coms and chick flicks that make me laugh and my heart go pitter-pat.  I am a sucker for Jane Austen, Henry James or any other classic book made into a movie (what would you call those, Period Classics?) and also historical films like "The Kings Speech."  I love musicals...although I have to admit, my neighbors and I mocked "Mamma Mia" mercilessly when we went as a big group to see it.  But Bryan has no interest, really, in any of these types of films.  So what does that leave us with? the past couple of years we have found commonality in movies like "Star Trek," "Knight and Day," "Inception" and "Harry Potter."  But one genre of movie can usually always satisfy us both and that is your traditional thief caper.  You know...stuff like "Oceans 11," "The Italian Job"...even "National Treasure."  Bryan will complain about probability and I'll give a little spiel on suspending disbelief...but we usually both come out smiling.  Tonight we found ourselves all wrapped up in "Tower Heist."  (Side note:  Alan Alda and Mathew Broderick in the same movie = awesome in my book!)  Maybe because it's a rare and special treat, I find myself so completely happy and content when sitting with Bryan in a theater.  Leaning up against each other, fingers laced together or resting on each other's leg, laughing or gasping in the same places.  Okay...maybe it's more me that laughs out loud and audibly gasps during movies.  All the same, we had a great time.  How long will it be this time, do you suppose, before we find another movie we can both agree on?

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