Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For this I prayed...

 I could feel the beginnings of a sore throat coming on.  A persistent and annoying tickle.  It made me cough occasionally.  This can't be happening, I told myself.  Ironically, just the day before I had been laughing with my singing friends at rehearsal about starting a regimen of vitamins as a precaution, a defensive measure against this very kind of thing.  Realistically, I was fine, no sign of any kind of sickness.  But what if?  We were singing in a concert that upcoming weekend.  I didn't want to be hoarse or worry about coughing in the middle of a song.  But even more than that...I wanted to sing for pure joy with no vocal restrictions.

I wasn't serious about the vitamins but maybe I should've been.  Or maybe I jinxed myself by even joking about getting sick.  Because now there was this annoying tickle and a cough.
I started downing Airborne immediately.  {Blech}  But I also started praying awfully hard that I wouldn't be sick for the concert.  That I would be able to sing on Saturday night.

Cough drops at the ready, I walked on stage.  I sang my heart out.  Only once did I feel like I might cough...and it was slight and passed quickly.  I was so grateful!

The very next day I got walloped with a wicked cold.  Runny nose, sneezing, aching.  It was as if it had been in a holding pattern...waiting and building until Sunday when it could finally manifest itself.  And it did so with a vengeance!  But all I can say is, hallelujah!  I will gladly take this cold.  Realistically, I prayed...not to avoid sickness altogether...just that I wouldn't be sick for the concert.  So though kleenex and Dayquil are my constant companions and though it's taken me the past 3 days to get up my Christmas decor and I'm still not done because I have limited energy...I can thankfully say that my prayers were answered!

{Can we all go to bed now?  I'm so tired....}       

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Jewels said...

It's a blessing to be able to recognize answered prayers. Wish I could've heard you sing.