Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ode to my iphone

Dear iphone,

I was wrong.  There, I said it.  I mocked you and your hordes of admirers when you first came out in 2007.  People hyped up for months in advance and standing in ridiculously long lines to purchase you?  Really?  Admittedly, I didn't even have a smart phone at the time.  But you were a phone, for heavens sake!  I couldn't see the point in having something that did anything more than allow calls to come in and go out.  Texting wasn't even on my radar.

But Bryan wouldn't take no for an answer when he asked, back in 2009, if I wanted a nicer phone.  He bought me a Sprint Palm Pre.  The communication options became much more varied.  I was able to not only receive and send phone calls...but also emails and (with tutorials from my 13 year old daughter) texts.  Heck, I was even able to update my facebook status from just about anywhere!

Little did I realize that my Palm Pre was really like a bike with training wheels.  It was my learning smart phone.  I wasn't ready for the true awesomeness that was iphone 4S.  But little by little and slowly but surely I came around.  Around to the idea that I needed to do some research and see why that original hype that started back in 2007 was still going strong.  Why all my neighbors were iphone users, why my own sister had even chosen to go the iphone route.

Truth be told, it was running that decided me.  I could put you in an arm band on a 3 mile run and you would be my phone (if I ran into trouble), my music (because you can sync easily to my itunes), AND tell me how far, how fast and how long I ran with your ability to operate the RunKeeper app.  So when Sprint announced last month that they were going to start carrying iphones, I was sold.

To be honest, I was a little irritated that I was going to have to potentially wait for up to three weeks before I could start using you.  You, very clearly, are the Prom Queen of smart phones.  But I can be patient (most of the time) so I waited...only one week, actually.  When I walked into that Sprint store and they put you, for the first time in my hand...well, WOW.  My heart started beating a little bit faster, I must admit.  You were beautiful...with your white exterior and your colorful touchscreen.  The salesman excitedly showed me all the many things you could do and introduced me to Siri.  You know, she's pretty nice.  I have yet to truly utilize her to her full extent but I'm learning.  For example, she's already given me a list of potential places to dispose of a dead body if need be.  How handy is that?  (I have a 10 year old son.  He's a little obsessed with Siri...)

Today I took you to church and followed along in the lesson manual and the scriptures right from your touchscreen.  I also received a text from Bryan telling me he had arrived in New York safely (but in politeness to the teacher, of course, I didn't respond until after the lesson was finished....)   Yesterday I looked up movie times and weather updates on you.  Tomorrow your alarm clock will wake me up and your calendar will remind me of my 9:00 appointment.  And this, I know, is only the very tip of the iceberg. 

So, I see now.  I see what all the hype was about and it was well deserved.
Love,  Me

P.S.  I've been excitedly buying covers for you because I want to keep you safe and modest (you are pretty sexy, after all).  There are so many to choose from!  When I ordered this one and it said it was from Hong Kong...I didn't realize it would actually be shipped from there!!  But you sure look beautiful in your new "clothes"...    

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MG said...

I love my iphone but will not upgrade to Siri until the next release since my phone isn't even a year old. You will love the camera...I always wish I had a camera with me and now I do.