Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A little more Halloween...

I picked our day carefully when planning a trip to do some witch watching at Gardner's Village.  A Monday so as to avoid big weekend crowds...clear and cloudless with no hint of the rainy weather we'd had the week before.  We even invited my friend Hannah and her son Jace to come with us.  I had visions of the two kids excitedly hunting down the witches and happily posing for pictures with each.

(Oh, and did I mention... HA!)

Witches?  What witches?  Lilian and Jace only gave passing glances to all the silly witches as they passed by in their hunt for rocks to climb on and ducks to sneak up on and walls to walk on.  Only once did I get them to actually pose with a witch.  But they had a glorious time and I guess that's all that matters.

 This picture makes me laugh.  Lilian and Jace kept getting frustrated when their noisy running would cause the ducks to quickly waddle away.  Hannah and I told them that in order to get closer, they needed to walk quietly and sneak up on the ducks, as it were.  We laughed good and hard when both kids immediately adopted a sneaky pose and actually tiptoed towards the ducks!    

A few days later Lilian had her preschool Halloween party.  The parents were invited to come at the beginning of class to ooh and ahh and take pictures of the Halloween fashion show.
Isn't Lilian looking very demure? 

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