Friday, October 17, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday: Singing sisters

June 1998. This is at the retirement party for Mr. Wendel, the choir teacher at the high school. He was an AMAZING teacher. I learned stuff from him that sticks with me to this day. I was thinking of him just this past week when I went to Rebekah's Jr. High choir concert. It was a major de ja vu moment for me (even though it was Jr. High and not High school) and it brought back a lot of memories. Rebekah's director reminded me a lot of Mr. Wendel and I thought how lucky Rebekah is to have her for a teacher. And how thrilled I am that she has chosen to be a part of the fun, awesome group that is choir. Music kids stick together. They support matter if you are in Women's choir or the audition only Show Choir. My best and most vivid memories of high school and college are of music classes, rehearsals and performances and the relationships I made through it all.
So this has always been one of my favorite pictures because it brings back a lot of memories. Obviously my sisters and I were not in choir all together but we all got to know Mr. Wendel and his classes quite well. He was fond of us sisters and I can only assume that he was quite thrilled that, after losing one to graduation another one was already coming up in the ranks. :)
Left to right this is Katie: class of '93. Sarah: class of '91. Mary: class of 97. Melissa: class of '94.


The Snow's said...

What memories! That was back when I was skinny! Those were the days.

MELISSA said...

Love that picture. Kate - I also noticed how skinny we all were!! Can I have a copy of that?