Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crazy part 2

So, about this preschool thing. My Mom says it sounds like those stories that you hear about parents back east...parents who are desperate to get their child into the right preschool so it will lead to being accepted into the right private school, etc. This thing I isn't like that. It still kind of freaks me out that I'm even thinking preschool when Lilian is only one. Trust me, I wouldn't have if it weren't for my neighbor. But she knows this preschool lady, knows how popular she is, and therefore has already put her daughter, who we have decided is destined to be best friends with Lilian, in the class. She thought it would be great if Lilian were in the class too so they could be together and, more importantly, so we could carpool. I'm thinking me not having to drive every preschool day is a darn good plan. Anyhow, about this lady. She just runs the preschool out of her house. It isn't some rich, fancy, private preschool setup. She doesn't even advertise, it's all been word of mouth. Apparently she's good at what she does and happens to run her preschool in an area that is booming with preschool age kids right now. But want to hear another something crazy? She actually does have kids on her list that aren't even born yet...whose mothers are still pregnant. Sheesh.


Croft Family said...

I thought you signing her up 3 years in advance was crazy, but mothers who have not even had their child is just plane insane!! I don't even know what I will be doing with Lara next week let alone in 2 years but hey planning ahead can't be a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Miss Annette's pre-school had that same reputation. Lots of people were waiting to get their kids into the program and most of them were younger brothers and sisters of the students she already had. One thing I learned in the Early Childhood Education department up at the U is that the only thing you need to open a daycare in Utah is to be 18 and breathing. Pretty low standards...but sometimes that's all some people can afford, and the horror stories that come out of situations like that will make your hair stand on end. When you find a caregiver that can really care for your kids...teach them, love them, and keep them in an environment that you feel good about?...BOOK IT! I don't care if it IS three years in advance...This world gets scarier all the time, and taking the opportunity to ensure a little something good like that is a great snub to the status quo!