Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Having My Say

I voted yesterday. I took Julianne with me. As sick to death of the whole thing she is, she still wanted to come. I explained each and every detail of what I was doing even through her little rant of "I don't care. This is all so stupid. I hate all of this!" When they tried to give her the official "I voted" sticker she turned it down until she found out she could get a free donut. (She was bitterly disappointed when she found out that I was so not driving to Krispy Kreme to go pick it up.) On the way home she asked why I went. Did my vote even count? I told her that I vote because even though I'm not thrilled about either candidate and even though I know that Utah will go Republican regardless of whether I vote or not, I still feel that it is my right to vote...a right that many people in other parts of the world don't get....and also my duty as a citizen of this country. So I was more than willing to go out in the rainstorm yesterday to say my piece. I voted McCain. Obama won. We all expected it. But I have hope. There is much that comes out of his mouth that scares me. Obviously we have different views on a whole myriad of issues. But somehow, inexplainably, I like him. I like looking at his cute little family that reminds me a whole lot of my own cute little family. I like that he's black and what that says about our country that we can finally elect a black man to the highest office of this country. A lot of what he says I do like. Now, whether there is any substance behind all that talk of hope and change and being a president for all Americans...well, we'll see. And we'll hope.


Croft Family said...

I'm still not convinced. Talk is easy I still believe that by the end of the 4 years we will be more of a socialist country. But we will have to see. But like you said I was not happy with either candidate

Anonymous said...

Most of the Republicans I was listening to on the radio yesterday were very gracious losers and they all agreed that we need to have that hope, that we need to give Obama a chance to prove himself, and that we need to not bad-mouth him from the very beginning. I'm sadly human and want to smack the woman in the cubicle next to me who parades around the office with her Obama pin proudly displayed on her chest...but the radio guys are right. I'm still not sure that I believe all the words, but I'm hopeful and willing to give him a chance. It's groundbreaking and exciting, so we'll see how the next few years progress. Let's all keep our fingers crossed together.

MELISSA said...

At this point, I figure that it doesn't matter how I voted, we have a new President and his office deserves our respect. I am very proud that we have our first black president. I think it is a wonderful thing - I just wish that I would have liked him enough to have voted for him! Proud nonetheless.