Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Vacation

I thought I'd post a few pictures from our summer family vacation to St. George in June. We had a BLAST! Bryan's parents have a vacation house down there where we could stay and our good friends, Heather and Rawlin and their kids, live nearby and made sure we stayed plenty entertained. We always love spending time with them...Heather and I have known each other since Jr. High and were roommates at Snow College. We met Rawlin down at Snow (in fact, I introduced them!) and they got married just one month before Bryan and I did. Bryan and Rawlin hit it off so well that it still amazes me. They are like two peas in a pod. And luckily, the kids love hanging out together as well.

We spent one day at Sand Hollow Reservoir. We rented two wave-runners and had a blast zooming those around. What fun to just hang out on the beach all day. This is Rebekah and Julianne swimmng off the big rocks in the middle of the reservoir.

Brandon, Rebekah and Julianne cruising around behind the wave runner. For some reason, Brandon, who is our adventurous dare-devil, was scared of riding in the big floaty and prefered to stay closer to the beach.

We celebrated Lilian's first birthday while on vacation and had a little party for her. Thanks to Heather for making her cake!

The pool at the club house was awesome fun with a waterfall and everything. This is Brandon, Rebekah and Morgan...and down below...Liberty and Julianne.

We did the Emerald Pools hike in Zions Canyon one day. Wow! It was a beautiful hike! And the kids did amazingly well. Bryan carried Lilian around in a baby back pack and Heather had little 4 month old Noah in a snugli. Rawlin outfitted us all in camel backs...those nifty water backpacks...and hats for those of us who didn't think to bring one. The hike was tons of fun and then...what a beautiful reward at the top. A beautiful pool of COLD water and frogs chirrping like crazy and even sand! Ahhhh.

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Croft Family said...

Look like you had a ton of fun. I think the pool there is the best reason to go down.