Friday, August 15, 2008

Cousin Camp 2008

Yesterday was Cousin Camp. All the grandkids but one was there...sixteen kids in all. What a day! Normally my mother and father-in-law, Lynn and Carol, hold this camp for five days. Five days full of activities, swimming, crafts, field trips, etc....and sleep overs each night. This year cousin camp was condensed into one day because Carol was recovering from a surgery a few weeks earlier. Although normally the moms show up to help here and there with certain activities, usually Lynn and Carol have all the kids on their own. This year all of us moms plus a couple of dads stayed the whole day to help run things. I was exhausted after just one day! How in the world they did this for five days in past years just blows my mind! But what an amazing thing this is for their grandkids! They love it, the kids love it. They are already starting to talk about what to do next year. Wow.

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The Snow's said...

I'm glad that they were able to at least have one day of fun!