Thursday, August 28, 2008

Progression of a hair color

I have a friend that I've known since high school. We haven't seen each other since...I think it was our 10 year reunion back in 2001. But every now and again we email and get caught up on each other's news. It's been a few years now since we'd even emailed so I was excited to get a message from him recently. Okay, really, it was last April and I didn't get around emailing back, except for messages that said I hadn't forgotten and I really was going to reply, until last weekend. ( I know, my bad.) So after sending a big update on what we were up to I sent him to this blog so he could see pictures of the kids. He was, in his words, "really freaked out" when he saw a picture of me. Apparently I look quite different than what he remembers. It's the whole being a brunette now instead of a blonde. So I thought I'd post some pictures of the progression from blonde to brunette and send him back over to see how it all happened.

Here's me in high school age 17. Blonde as can be. We were on Concert Choir tour in California.

Snow College 1992. Wow, those are some big eyes! And even bigger hair!! And my gorgeous friend Stephanie. Funny, like the first picture...we are on a choir tour.

Age 19. Yikes! I hate saying I was a teenager when I got married!! I wouldn't change anything, certainly, but I always have to add that I was a month away from turning 20! Still pretty blonde.

Graduating from college at age 23. I've had Rebekah and am newly pregnant with Julianne. Can you see my hair getting slightly darker?

Age 25 or so. Now I've had another pregnancy and my hair is darkening still.

Millennium Choir's "Gloria" concert in December of 1999 with my sisters Mary, Melissa and Katie.

2001 with baby Brandon. We're sitting at my Papa's gravesite. That's why I'm looking teary. Brandon was born 6 months to the day after he died. We named Brandon after him.

Christmas 2002 at yet another Choir concert with Melissa and Katie. This time with Odysesy Chorale.

2004. This is when I decided to embrace "the dark side" and dye my hair darker seeing as it was heading that way. It was a lighter brown at this point.

This is, more or less, me now. I went even darker brown and have stayed that way. The picture was taken about 2 years ago.


Mindy said...

Wow Sarah, you dont even look the same from when you were younger. Funny I was born blonde, and went dark, and now once in a while I have blonde highlights. I think the grass is alway greener right?!

Sharon said...

I had no idea those first few pictures were of you! How funny! I love seeing the progression in your darkening hair! Thanks for sharing! I LOVE your hair dark, the way it is now. I think it suits you. But maybe cause thats they only way I've known you!

The Snow's said...

You look good no matter what color your hair is. Why is it that blondes go darker but brunettes never go lighter? Just a thought.

Croft Family said...

Wow Sarah it was fun seeing not only your hair color change but your styles progress. I think the dark color looks fabulous but I'm a bit biased to dark brown hair

MELISSA said...

holy cow. I keep thinking that if you didn't dye your hair that it would be pretty brown. After seeing all the pictures - maybe not! I like that embraced the brown rather than trying to dye it back to the age 17 blonde! light roots are way better than dark ones!