Saturday, August 2, 2008


Today we went to my nephew, Ethan's, baptism. I found myself thinking quite a lot about Rebekah and Julianne's baptisms while we were there. I remember that at Rebekah's baptism I was surprised at how fast it all happened. We were sitting there watching, waiting for the big moment, and then, suddenly, it was done and I was heading into the back room to help Rebekah get changed out of her wet clothes into her pretty, white dress. I remember trying quickly to get everything all ready for her...the brush for her hair, her shoes, her tights, etc. After a minute I looked up at her and she was still just standing there in front of me, shivering because she was still dressed in the clinging wet jumpsuit but with a huge smile on her face. THAT'S when it hit me. I pulled her to me, wet clothes and all, and cried and cried as I hugged her.
With Julianne I was more prepared for the emotions I knew would hit suddenly and without warning. What I remember most about Julianne's baptism, though, was the sacrifices that many friends and family made to be there. People left vacations early, canceled plans to go skiing, etc. just to be there for Julianne. It was a hugely important day for Julianne. Julianne was important to them. So they made big efforts to be there. I, of course, knew it was an important day...but to see so many others making those just reinforced what a big thing this was in Julianne's life and I was so touched to see how many people loved my sweet Julianne. Thinking about all of this today, I found myself getting teary during Ethan's confirmation. Thank you Ethan, for letting us be a part of your huge day.

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Croft Family said...

Thank you so much for coming to his baptism. I'm still having an emotional day thinking that my child was just baptized. Your daughters sounded beautiful. I could sit and listen to them all day. Thanks for loving Ethan and showing him support.