Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dentist Time

I went to the dentist today. Haven't been in awhile. They pointed that fact out to me when I sat down in the chair. Yeah, I know. The last time I went I think it was November 2006. I was somewhat newly pregnant with Lilian. Not only could they not do x-rays but I also about fainted when they sat me up after having me laying back for so long. I swear, I feel like I'm practically upside down when they're working in my mouth. The fact that I can see my feet so well while laying in the chair clearly indicates that my head is lower than my feet. So no wonder I about fainted when they sat me back up again. After that appointment way back when, I set up another for 6 months later...May of 2007. Except when that appointment came around I was due to give birth in 3 weeks and, frankly, felt like garbage. There was no way I was doing anything that sounded even slightly uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable enough as it was. I told them I'd call them after having the baby. Well, obviously that wasn't such a great idea. Because about 4 weeks after we had Lilian we went house hunting. And then my life was taken over by, not only a newborn (and the fact that I was adjusting to starting completely over with a new baby after a 6 year gap), but also buying a new house, packing, trying valiantly to sell the old house before we moved, moving into the new house, unpacking, trying valiantly to sell the old house now that it was empty, Bryan traveling an insane amount for work, and trying to help the kids adjust to a new school and neighborhood. And then I should probably mention the fact that we owned TWO houses meant that I was a tad short on cash. And with no dental insurance? Yeah, not so much interested or even thinking about the dentist during all that time.
So here it is August 2008. Lilian's a year old. The old house has sold. We're settled into the new house. We don't have two house payments anymore. Time to think about heading to the dentist. Brandon and Rebekah had their appointments on Monday. This morning's appointment (and I do mean morning....7:15 bright-and-early morning) was officially for Julianne. But on our way over Julianne informed me that she couldn't breathe through her nose. Cold or allergies, I don't know. But, hmmm. A little bit difficult to get your teeth cleaned when your only option for breathing is through your mouth but your mouth is filled with tools. So I made a different appointment for Julianne a few weeks from now (unfortunately she will have to miss some school to make it) and I plopped myself in the chair. X-rays and head lower than my feet? Bring it on. I'm not pregnant anymore. No dental insurance? Only one house payment to cover now. I can handle it. And the best thing? No cavities. Phew! I'm good for another 6 months.


Sarah said...

I had to miss two dentist appt. because I had a stuffy nose mom!


Croft Family said...

It's always great to hear from the dentist that you don't have any cavaties.

Anonymous said...

Ah...I wish! You're good. I think I went ten years between appointments and I have the awful teeth now to prove it. (single, no insurance, and no money to pay for frivolous things like dental visits.) Now, the insurance is intact, and though we have to save up for each appiontment, I'm taking them in stride and about a year from now I'm going to want to seal my mouth with some sort of varnish or weather resistent bond so that I never have to deal with dental issues again!