Friday, August 8, 2008

Home Decor

My sister Katie posted a picture on her blog of her new decorations in her kitchen...mostly for me to see since I had "inspired" the decor. So I thought I'd post what I'd done so she and my other sisters could see. The decor being shown off is the stuff above my cupboards in the kitchen and the pictures on the wall in the living room. For those who've never been to my house...well, I guess this gives you a good idea of what at least part of my house looks like...


Croft Family said...

Super cute. I love you house it is decorated so beautifully

The Snow's said...

I think you have better spaces to decorate than mine. I still really like the red vase that is on it's side. I would still like to do that.
Your pictures look good. I will have to come see them in person to see what they are pictures of and to really get the feel of them.
Lookin' good!