Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eight eyes

Curses on mine and Bryan's bad eyesight that we passed on to our children! Rebekah has been wearing glasses since the end of 3rd grade. Her eyes aren't too bad...she kept her glasses at school only wearing them when she needed to see the board. Since she is heading off to Jr. High in a few weeks we decided it was time to get her into to the eye doctor for a check-up and potentially new glasses. While making the appointment over the phone Julianne informed me that I should make an appointment for her as well because, she claimed, things were looking blurry. I made two appointments but wondered if Julianne was "seeing blurry" because she wanted glasses. I warned her that as fun as glasses might seem and as cute and Rebekah looked in hers, the novelty would wear off and after about two months she'd probably wish she didn't have to have glasses after all. Basically, don't wish your self bad eyes! Turns out Julianne's eyes are, in fact, worse than Rebekah's! Still not too bad but bad enough to need glasses so she can see in school. What I want to know is why glasses are so much cuter now than when I was a kid wearing them! It's almost like they are a fashion statement accessory like a bracelet or a cool necklace. So the girls are all set for school now feeling like they've killed two birds with one stone: a neat, new accessory and, more importantly, the ablility to see the board!


Croft Family said...

They look so cute in their new glasses.

The Snow's said...

Tkhey really do look cute in their new glasses. I need to go in and do the same thing for myself. I haven't gotten new glasses since we went to Jerusalem.