Friday, August 22, 2008


A little blondie and a dark brunette. Do we look like mom and daughter? This is, more or less, what I'm sure it looked like when I was a kid. I was blonde as can be and my Mom was dark. I was at Bajio a few years ago with a blonde Brandon and, while waiting in line, someone confidently stated that my husband must be blonde to have such a blonde child like that. I laughed. No, I told her, he takes after me. As the years go by, I keep getting darker and darker to the point where one year I just decided to embrace it and go completely over to "the dark side." So now, about every three months, I find myself sitting in a chair getting goop in my hair to keep that dark brown color. Bryan, I think, wonders where that cute blonde girl that he married went. I've told him that the blonde is no more. That even if I go back to my natural color, that color is now a dull, moussy brown with a few stubborn gray hairs that persist in remaining no matter how much I tell myself that I'm just way too young for gray hair already! He asked, last night, if one day I would go gracefully gray with him. I told him that I would. Still, I think it's quite unfair that men, when they go gray, look "distinguished" while women just look "old". But he, though he is older than me, doesn't have any hint of gray yet. So looks like I will be continuing my trip to the salon every 3 months or so for the forseeable future and that contrast between me and my cute baby will be in place for awhile longer.


Mindy said...

You both look so cute.

Croft Family said...

Super cute picture. Even though she is as blonde as can be and you brown you can still a good mix of you and Bryan in Lillian