Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New York City: Day 2

My humorous story for the day....

Walking down the street today towards Time Square I suddenly and surprisingly found myself walking with a nicely dressed business man. He asked me if I knew where 7th Avenue was. When I admitted I wasn't completely sure seeing as I was new to the city, he asked where I was from. We started making conversation. He'd just been to St. George so we swapped "isn't Utah beautiful" comments. He introduced himself as Joe and shook my hand. He was friendly with a tinge of flirt. When he asked why I was in town and I told him my husband was here on business he replied with a bit of regret, "Oh. I guess that makes my hitting on you rather awkward, doesn't it?"
"Well, maybe a little bit" I replied back. "But you are doing a good job of it, I'm really impressed with your efforts."
"Truth be told," he said, "I know exactly where 7th Avenue is. I work just up the street."
Funny enough, he still continued to walk a few more blocks with me, asked if he could buy me a martini. I told him I didn't drink so he offered coffee. I turned that down as well.
"It's the whole being Mormon thing," I told him.
"Water, maybe?" he asked.
"I do drink water," I assured him, "but...."
"But you're married."
Frankly, he seemed a little less concerned about me having a husband, than the fact that said husband was actually in the city. He did seem happy to give me advice as to where to find the best place for lunch when I asked. He pointed me in the right direction and then called out "Goodbye, Sarah" as I headed across the street.
I walked a bit, glancing over my shoulder a few times to make sure he wasn't following me. (Cause really, can't be too careful, right?) Then I called Bryan and we laughed and laughed.

In other Sarah's-experiences-in-New-York-City news...

We were awakened last night at 1:30 AM by the sounds of a jackhammer right outside our window. Umm...excuse me? Peeved, we called down to the front desk to find out what was going on. We were informed that yes, the construction workers were against the NYC noise ordinance laws but despite numerous calls by the hotel and various guests, the men in blue found it beneath their notice and basically said, "Deal with it." I get that NYC is "the city that never sleeps" and all...but I kind of wanted to! Until the sounds knocked off around 3:30 Bryan slept with noise cancellation headphones and I muffled the noise with a pillow over my head.

I went to a BROADWAY show!! After agonizing over which of the many fabulous productions I should choose, I decided on "Anything Goes" at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre with the amazing Sutton Foster in the lead role of Reno Sweeney.
Oh! My!
I chose well.
From start to finish, I LOVED IT!
The tap dancing, the singing, the flawless sets, the gorgeous costumes, the huge production numbers. I could not wipe the goofy grin off my face for the entire production. I kept wanting to pinch myself...."I am watching a show on Broadway!!" "Anything Goes" is one of two shows I am seeing this week. My original plan was to choose a different matinee to see each day...until I realized that matinees are only on Wednesdays, Broadway wide. See, as awesome as NYC is and as many amazing things as there are to do and see, the main draw for me is Broadway. So to be able to see even two shows while I am here is a dream come true.

I also had my first experience with Times Square today. I thought I was prepared for it. I'd seen pictures, I'd seen video. Regardless, I was still stunned. Because those pictures do not do it justice. I found myself out there in the middle of it all...the signs, the colors, the lights, the noise and the people...and turned circle after circle to take it all in. I have tried really hard to fit in this week. To act with confidence and like I know exactly where I am going and what I am doing...just like a native. Once in Times Square, though, I have no doubt that I looked every inch the epitome of a visitor...with "tourist" rolling off me in waves. I could not stop the awe from showing on my face. I had lunch at the highly recommended Roxy's Deli right in the thick of things and goggled at everything going on around me. I insisted on Bryan bringing me back that night to wander around some more. It is truly a unique place. I'm so glad I got to experience it.

Look! The Empire State Building! Do you think if I go up to the top I'll find Carey Grant ("An Affair to Remember") or Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra ("On The Town") or Tom Hanks ("Sleepless In Seattle") waiting for me? Or do you suppose it's possible to take a ride up the elevator to the 600th floor where I'll find Percy Jackson hanging out on Mt. Olympus ("Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series)? It's kind of amazing how many movies and books incorporate The Empire State Building into their stories. Kind of makes me want to go up top....despite the fact that I've more or less already seen the view from the Top of the Rock yesterday.

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Mary said...

So cool and so fun! What an adventurous gal you are! I love hearing about your adventures in the big city. And of course you are going to be hit're super cute! Fun memories.