Monday, November 1, 2010

Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving

This really bad, but very humorous poem was written and then posted on facebook by Kurt Bestor. It made me smile so I thought I'd reprint it here:

A Post-Halloween Poem:

Twas the day after Hall'ween and all through the town,
Not a ghoul or a goblin is messing around.

The cobwebs that hung by the front door with care
Are now in the trash bin with no one to scare.

But before you start thinking of prepping for Yule,
Remember to follow this one little rule.

The next special day where we give thanks for living
Is a commercial-less one that we know as Thanksgiving.

So the time to hang the tinsel and gold,
Is AFTER the yams and the turkey are COLD!

I'm replacing all my witches, spiders and skeletons with Pilgrims, Indians and turkeys today. Have I mentioned that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday?

1 comment:

MELISSA said...

ah, I agree. I did trade out jack-o-lanterns for pilgrims and on Friday or Saturday AFTER thanksgiving, I'll pull out Christmas!