Monday, November 8, 2010

Feasts, Gingerbread Houses and College Football

We had a Thanksgiving dinner with Bryan's family last night. (Can I just say, YAMS...YUM!) After the big feast Bryan's mom brought out gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate. Although the thought was that this activity would be more for the younger kids (ie: Brandon and Lilian), Rebekah and Julianne were totally jazzed about supervising which meant I got to sit in the den and discuss college football with Treg. BYU won...Woohoo!!! U of U lost miserably to TCU...hahaha!
Okay, sorry. I am a proud U of U alumni. Really I am. But I was raised to be a True Blue BYU fan when it comes to football. And seriously, the Utes were getting so cocky. I think that piece of humble pie was well deserved.
But back to the original topic of my post...
TA-DA!! Don't you think the finished project turned out well?

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Mindy said...

Thanksgiving feast already, I love Thanksgiving dinner.