Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

The "Blizzard of 2010" hit yesterday. All day long reports came in forecasting weather related doom and gloom. This storm, it was predicted, was to be the worst the state had seen in many years. Schools were closing early or canceling after school activities, motorists were encouraged to leave work early, evening events across the state were canceling right and left. I had some concerns myself because I was supposed to perform "Harriet" at the Rose Wagner Theatre in Salt Lake. ("Harriet" is a musical about Harriet Tubman...this performance was to be a Readers Theater/Workshop sort of performance.) As of late afternoon the director was still of the mind set that "the show must go on." I was starting to plan for extra supplies in my car in case I got stuck on the freeway somewhere on the way home or even renting a hotel room if things were as bad as forecasted. I was pretty certain that we wouldn't get any kind of an audience to even attend our performance...and after awile that was the conclusion that the director came to as well. We got notice that the show was postponed less than an hour before I was to leave.
The blizzard rolled in about 5:00. Gusting winds, snow and low visibility within minutes. Once relieved of the idea of having to be out driving in the snowy mess, I put on my cozy pajamas, started up some Christmas music and made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Snow is one of my all time favorite things if I don't have to drive in it. But we didn't get a ton of snow like I was hoping. A fact that made a lot of people say, "Blizzard? What blizzard?" I think everyone was expecting a huge dumping and felt a little let down...that all of the scare tactics and preparations weren't needed. But the forecast was only for 1-4 inches on the valley floor. A blizzard isn't just snow. It's crazy wind and arctic temperatures along with that snow which make for slick roads and no visibility. All of which this storm delivered. I don't think it was as bad as they predicted or expected. But all the warning and pleading did keep everyone off the roads which was the objective. And I have no doubt it led to less accidents and chaos out there last night.
The winds and snow had calmed by 9:00 so Lilian and I went out to shovel. Peaceful and beautiful, if cold. I rewarded myself (and got warmed back up) with a hot bath in my big tub when I was done. It ended up being an unexpectedly cozy evening which was quite a treat.

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