Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Spy

Like those popular "I Spy" children's, my friends, we are playing I Spy with the contents of my purse.

In this picture see if you can find:

*A cell phone (Can't even tell that it was broken apart in 3 different pieces earlier this week when I unfortunately dropped it on the sidewalk, can you?)
*A paper bag from The Chocolate Factory (A yummy caramel apple is hiding inside...)
*A grocery list
*Lip gloss (Rebekah's)
*A necklace
*A set of keys (That overly large blue keychain? It was my "prize" for completing LOTOJA and it's really heavy...but I carry it around anyway.)
*A book (I ALWAYS have a book in my purse. As do all of my sisters. We get this from our mother.)
*Cover up
*A maroon colored, wooden, letter N (It's the N from Lilian's name that has been hanging in her bedroom. I'm contemplating getting all crafty and updating those letters into something neater...and I needed one of the letters with me at the craft store for sizing purposes.)
*A flash drive
*A black wallet
*3 pencils
*2 pens
*2 bra extenders (Um, yeah. Lilian found those in my dresser drawer the other day, clipped the two together and wore it like a bracelet while running errands. Eventually it found its way into my purse...)
*A cough drop
*A pair of hoop earrings
*A lip liner
*A notebook

I find it kind of interesting, the odd collection of things that make up a woman's purse. A couple of things that used to be a staple for my purse but are no longer there? Diapers and wipes. Yay! My purse doesn't double as a diaper bag anymore! Although it is not uncommon to find crayons, granola bars and Disney princess figurines in there...


Mary said...

Wow. You should see what is in my purse. About 5 empty candy bar wrappers and a ton of grocery recipes. Along with some other non important stuff.

Greg & Dlora said...

What a fun, creative blog. Who would have thought to write about I Spy in your purse. Kudos to your writing ability!
I'm always throwing old receipts out of my purse, many more pens and pencils than you have, a book always as you said, a notebook with important info such as a list of the books I own to prevent duplicate buying though it doesn't always work, a sack full of OTC drugs for daughters and husbands, and so on. What's in your purse everybody???