Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful Turkey

See this turkey? He's our "thankful turkey" and he's been a part of our Thanksgiving traditions for a good 10 years now. We bring him out for Family Home Evening the Monday before the big day and gather together to fill his feathers full of things we are thankful for. There are some constants that the kids always tend to name...things like family, house, food, school, Jesus, and temples. Almost always books and music make it onto the list. This year gymnastics and growth hormone were listed as things to be thankful for as well as computers, friends, holidays and snow.

Some of my favorites from when the kids were little: airplanes that bring Daddy home, Josh's house, PSP, nursery, hair, eyes that see. We always keep the feathers from past years and read over them before we start naming new blessings. It's interesting to see what stays constant and what new blessings they become aware of as they get older. It's a fun tradition and I'm really happy that they kids enjoy it and look forward to it as much as they do.


Camilla said...

That is a great idea!

Mary said...

Ah, Josh's house made me sigh. I wish that we were close enough that you could still come and play at Josh's house!

MELISSA said...

I'm thankful for books and music too! and baths and doggies