Monday, November 29, 2010

Decking the halls

We've spent the last four days with Christmas boxes and holiday decor spread out here and there all over the house. It's amazing how long it takes. It probably didn't help that it was a fairly busy four days with a party, the BYU/Utah football game, two concerts, two rehearsals, church meetings and then back to school today. Add to that just trying to keep up on the normal, daily activities such as dishes, laundry and general straightening. But really what dragged me down both in time spent but also in holiday spirits...was lighting issues. My pre-lit tree did not want to light in various sections throughout the tree. Hours were spent checking each and every light, fixing a few, and then, after finding absolutely nothing visibly wrong with the darkened top 1/8th of the tree, completely removing the strand and stringing my own lights. Sigh.

The basement tree. That would be cake after my frustrations with the main tree upstairs...despite the fact that it was not a pre-lit tree and I had to string all the lights myself...right? Well, no. Not the case. Four of my seven strings of lights for that tree would not light. Are you kidding me??? Off to Target I went for more lights. And a chocolate orange to help sugar coat my frustration.

But as of tonight all lights are working. The trees are both decorated. The garlands are strung around the house, the nativities are set up, and the boxes are all put away. There are a few little odds and ends to do but it is mostly done and ready to be enjoyed. And thankfully my holiday spirit and excitement came back this afternoon as I puttered around in my slippers and pajamas arranging poinsettias and berries.'s Christmas time again.
This is Max, our parakeet. He lives in our kitchen where he chatters and chirps at me all day. I love's such a happy, cheerful sound. We open his cage often and give him the option of climbing out and flying around a bit. Friday he perched himself happily on one of the branches of the Christmas tree we had just hauled up from the storage room. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it but I love this little bird!


Mindy said...

Crazy about your light's, we had the same issue's. Guess it was just time to replace them.

MG said...

I love your kids always ask for one. But we have a kitty that would eat him/her for dinner. So we have huge white rats with red eyes.

Mary said...

How is Max anyway? Doing any better?

Sarah said...

Yep...he seems to be fine. I think he was just pulling on his feathers rather than hurt.