Friday, November 5, 2010

Favorite Photo(s) Friday: High School Dances

If you are, like me, a child of the 80's, then you probably remember the funny, elaborate ways we used to get dates for the big school dances. (Do they still do this now-a-days? I guess I'll find out in a couple of years. Aack! Is Rebekah really almost that old???)

Despite the fact that he was already graduated, Bryan asked me to Homecoming my senior year. His sister Carolyn was tasked with the job of keeping me busy and away from home as he invaded my bedroom with pink toilet paper. In the center of my TP wrapped bed was a stuffed gorilla holding a note inviting me to the dance. I kept the gorilla AND all that toilet paper. The TP was used again in revenge later. :) The gorilla, "Mrs. Pit"...named by Bryan for her large armpits... was joined by "Mr. Pit" a few months later and have since entertained all four of our children in turn. Today they sit in Lilian's room, holding a place of honor on top of her book shelf.

A month and a half after Homecoming I invited Bryan to Sadie Hawkins by making a trail of paper footprints, each with a Hershey's Kiss on it, leading to his bedroom where he was met with a big paper heart saying, "Now that I've kissed the ground that you walk on, will you go with me to Sadies"....or something to that effect. He answered me by once again invading my bedroom. This time with balloons. There were so many I couldn't even wade into my bedroom without shoveling balloons out into the hallway first. The great majority of the balloons spent the rest of their life span in the dining room entertaining my younger sisters.

I'm glad that my mom thought to take pictures.... Fall 1990.

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sami said...

Of course the elaborate asking still goes on. It was real annoying, and I heard just a Utah thing. When my friend moved to Virginia they all just called each other up.

I used the candy kiss thing once (: Really cute.