Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family Pictures

Our good friends, Lori and Jon Woodbury, run a wedding planning company called Weddings By Woodbury. If you or someone you know is getting married, they've got everything you need from invitations and cake to flowers and photography... and they do it all elegantly, beautifully and professionally. But more than just weddings, Jon is your ultimate photographer. He's got the gear, the know how, the passion and the talent to shoot anything. I've been following his blogs and website for quite awhile so when it came time to get our family pictures done, I knew without a doubt that I wanted Jon to do them.

Over dinner at our house, Jon explained his philosophy with family pictures. Sitting all together and smiling for the camera is something any family can do. What made our family different? What was uniquely us? For example, he said, he did a sitting with a family that owned and worked the Nightmare on 13th Street haunted house. Pictures taken with the haunted house as a background would be perfect for their family. Another family enjoyed watching videos together. Their sitting ended up being at the Salt Flats where they re-created a family room of sorts with a TV, a side table and a bunch of DVD's spread everywhere. What was our "thing"?

It didn't take too long to decide on books. We all love to read. Books line shelves in almost every room in the house. I read to my kids, even now as teenagers. Specifically Harry Potter. I read that whole series out loud to my girls when they were younger. And then again a few years later when Brandon was ready for them. So we packed the Harry Potter series and the books that we were all currently in the middle of (notice Bryan has an Amazon Kindle) and headed to the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City.

Jon did a fabulous job! Every single picture is amazing. But here are a few of my very favorites:

Go check out Jon's blogs and website:

(This is his official website which can then lead you to wedding stuff, his fine arts photography, his blog and Lori's flowers)

(This is a different blog project for the year of 2010 where he has been taking and posting one shot daily of just average things all around. It's amazing. I've been following it religiously this whole year.)


Anonymous said...

Oh I love them! What a cute family!

MG said...

I love the book pictures. What great shots.

Camilla said...

THose are so fun!