Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

De-gutting the pumpkins....Lilian thought the goopy grossness of it all was something to be relished and enjoyed. Brandon, on the other hand, whimpered and whined and made twisted faces every single time his hand went inside the pumpkin.
Go figure.

Lilian aka Strawberry Shortcake

Brandon aka Alien

Julianne aka Alice in Wonderland

Rebekah aka A Teenager who is pulling together odds and ends to make some semblance of a costume that she can wear to a Halloween which she more or less resembles a child of the 80's.

All three of the older kids opted to trick-or-treat with friends so it was just Lilian and me. Despite the POURING rain which drenched us even while juggling an umbrella. Despite the fact that I was wearing high-heeled boots. Despite the fact that Lilian's candy bucket quickly got too heavy for her to carry. Despite all of that, the two of us were still out pounding the pavement, ringing doorbells and shouting "trick-or-treat!!" for a good two hours. Lilian just kept going, and going, and going....I should've dressed her as the Energizer Bunny.


Mindy said...

It's amazing how much energy these little kids have.
They all look great.

Croft Family said...

Lillian looks so adorable. Rain and all Halloween must go on.

MELISSA said...

you too look a lot alike in the final picture - you and Lilian! all cute kiddos.