Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend goodness...

My sister Mary and her family have been in town this past week. They live in Idaho which means visits are few and far between. So when they do come to town, we all drop everything and plan for sister/cousin fun every day that we can. Friday we all met at the Children's Museum:

We look forward to General Conference every 6 months. What a spiritual uplift! It always leaves me rejuvenated and wanting to do and be better. Saturday morning I went out on an early morning bike ride (the first since LOTOJA 3 weeks ago) and came home to find everyone still sleepy and just getting up for the day. Bryan was gone all last week on a business trip and came home late, late Friday. He was still snuggled into bed so I tuned into conference on our bedroom radio and snuggled in next to him. One by one the kids made their way into our bedroom and then also into our bed with us and we listened to the first hour of conference that a big family snuggle. It felt good. Saturday afternoon we headed down to my parents house for a big family BBQ after which there was plenty more sister togetherness and cousin bonding while my dad took his sons-in-law to the Priesthood session. (I'm guessing they bonded too...well, if you can say that men "bond." And they were sitting mute in the dark as they listened to more talks. But they were together and that's what counts, right?)

After another full day of beautiful music (Mack Wilburg is a genius, by the way) and glorious conference talks I took the kids up the canyon to see the fall leaves. We missed doing it last year... partly because Bryan and I were on a cruise right during the prime colorful-fall-leaf-changing time. And let me tell you, they haven't let me forget it. It was crowded up there. Apparently we weren't the only ones with fall color on the brain. And then it started raining. But we had a good time. Everyone got good and dirty...and wet. (Those who weren't already wet from playing around in the stream got wet in the rain...) We went home to a dinner of homemade chilli and cornbread. And then after finishing up some last minute homework, we watched "The Amazing Race" all together with a big bowl of popcorn.

The weekend is done. Conference is over and Mary and her family have headed back home. But I'm hoping that this high I'm still on can carry me for awhile into the new week.


Mindy said...

What a fun filled weekend. Cute pictures.

Croft Family said...

Sounds like an amzing, spiritual, relaxing weekend of pure bliss.