Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Lilian and I "spook-i-fied" our front porch today:

We hung ghosts on the tree.

We spread cobwebs over the bench and added a broken apart skeleton.

Another skeleton and more cobwebs on the lamp post.

And then cobwebs and spiders hanging on our rock columns. We also strung orange lights around the little tree in the pot with more cobwebs and spiders. (We really went to town with those cobwebs, didn't we?) All of this added to the corn stalk and pumpkins we already had out there. (Used to be many more pumpkins out front but I incorporated a few into some fall decorating displays inside the house.)

I also decided to decorate my den/study/computer room in a black and white sort of theme. Blackbirds and white pumpkins, mostly. Funny enough, blackbirds seemed somehow appropriate to decorate all the bookshelves with because I kept thinking of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven." Not necessarily the poem itself, really...mostly just the literary-ness of it all.


Mary said...

We're boring. We don't have any decorations. It's pretty sad considering our 70+ year old next door neighbors have their front porch all decked out for Halloween. I figure at least we'll have one pumpkin out there sometime...when I have the energy to go buy one.

Katie said...

Looks great! My cobwebs fell off last night due to the huge wind storm. I will have to go back out and try again.