Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Soldier Hollow Express

We took an old fashioned train ride today on the Heber Valley Railroad. The Soldier Hollow Express was an out and back 90 minute ride around Deer Creek Reservoir. It was a perfect day for it....Mother Nature provided us with blue sky, bright sunshine, and gorgeous fall colors.
Once rolling, we were free to move around from car to car. Along with the regular passenger cars there was also a snack/dining car and an open air car. We explored that train from back to front and then back again but ended up spending the majority of our time in a less crowded car with our heads stuck out the windows. It was great fun.


Mindy said...

Yesterday was a great day. Looks like you had fun!

Mary said...

That looks so incredibly cool! My kids would LOVE doing that. And doing it in fall with all the trees changing colors would be so pretty.

Heidi Green said...

It looks like you had a perfect day. The picture out the window of the train is beautiful!

I'm so glad you peeked in on my blog and said hello. I've linked to your blog through facebook before, but I'm so rarely on FB that I haven't visited regularly. If you don't mind I'll add you to my list so that I can keep better touch... I think it's a fun way to get to know each other better. Does Mylissa have a blog too? I've only known about Shanna and Kaylee's blogs from the neighborhood and they're on haitus from posting. ;)

Have a good day. See you soon.