Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend at our house consisted of the following things:
*A hot, windy Saturday with no air conditioning
*And then, rain...glorious, wonderful rain
*Thunder and Lightning
*Finishing the Book of Mormon
*Singing in what is probably the best Master Class I've ever done
*Maybe because it was my birthday
*Or because Bryan was there
*Eating at Cheesecake Factory (with no kids)
*Eating at Braza Grill (with kids)
*Driving Bryan's stick-shift car
*Talking music theory endlessly with Bryan
*Watching Bryan research everything he could about music theory
*Listening to Bryan play the piano everyday
*Finding enjoyment in his excitement over our new piano
*Teaching primary
*Trying valiantly, but not succeeding, in keeping the house clean


Croft Family said...

Sounds like a fun busy weekend. Ours not so busy sit around the house and relax!

Shauna said...

Sounds like a fun busy weekend. It is pretty fun to stay connected through blogs.

The Snow's said...

How fun that Bryan is enjoying your piano as well. Jeremy will sit down and play once in a great while but he only knows one song. I think he enjoys that I enjoy it and that I am now using it to benefit our family through piano lessons.