Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Nephew!

Another new nephew! My sister Katie had Jackson David yesterday afternoon. Another nephew to cuddle and love. And another cousin for Lilian to hang out with when they get a little older. Katie was on my mind all day yesterday. I was so anxious to know how things were going for her. When she called with the official news and baby stats I surprised myself by getting all teary. I have the best sisters in the entire world! How awesome to know that I have four best friends no matter matter how crazy life gets, where we all move to, or what life changes happen with our own little families. We will always have each other. Oh, how I LOVE my sweet sisters.

P.S. Happy Birthday Melissa!!!


Mindy said...

Oh what a sweet baby, he looks so cute, and Katie looks awesome, tell her congradulations for me.
You are very blessed to have such wonderful sisters.

Shauna said...

Sisters are the best! Congrats to yours!

MELISSA said...

I love my sweet sisters too!!! How did we get so lucky!