Thursday, September 11, 2008

7th Grade Dances and Protective Fathers

Rebekah went to her first dance yesterday at the Jr. High. She told me that five boys asked her to dance. Three of them, Ethan, Gordon and Zach were boys she knew from our neighborhood. Especially Ethan (wink, wink). Another boy was a "short" kid from her elementary school. And the last boy was someone she hadn't ever met. "He was all sweaty! It was so gross! And then! He tried to twirl me, Mom! And I'm thinking, 'Let's not do THAT again!' " So then we started talking about how she danced with these boys. You know, formal style or bear hug style. She said that when Ethan asked her to dance she told him she really didn't know what she was doing. And he said, "Neither do I, really. I think we just hold onto each other and wobble." :)

Bryan was working late last night so I told him about the dance when he called to check in later that evening.
B: Wait a minute! She's too young to go to a dance...she's only 13!"
S: Bryan, she's 12.
B: See! She's only 12! Way too young. I didn't start going to dances till I was...well, way older.
S: She's in 7th grade. I remember going to dances in 7th grade. Heck, we had a 6th grade dance at my elementary school.
B: Were those boys touching her? Oh, wait! She said that one of the boys was sweaty gross? Oh man! That means he was touching her.
S: Well Bryan, they were dancing!
B: I like the idea of them dancing NEAR her, not WITH her. Sigh. I'm going to have to buy more guns.


Anonymous said...

...says the man who married HOW young? He he he he he. Oh boy. Here it starts, eh? Sorry, Bryan! You've only got yourself to blame though...good looking loving couples tend to have attractive kids. If you hadn't been so cute yourselves, or weren't such good and loving roll models, she may not have even been asked to dance. Still...that leads into the whole low-self-esteem idea, and girls falling for any creep that pays them some attention. Nah. You don't need grateful that Rebekah is awesome, strong, and only likes the good boys and knows when some of them are gross.
...and I don't think you need MORE guns...just remember to clean the ones you have when the boy is around and give him that stink eye that says, "I'm watching you, I know how to use THIS, and I'm not afraid to go back to jail." It will all work out.

Mindy said...

Wow, it's crazy how these girls are growing up. We will be there next year. Well actually this year, we have an end of year dance for the 6th graders. yikes. I cry every time I hear that song "cleaning my gun", I think of my girls every time and how quickly the time is coming for these boys to show up at our house to take them out on a date. (Maybe we should leagelize arranged marriages. haha)

Croft Family said...

I know we have a while before Kevin and I need to have this conversation but I know he is not looking forward to that time in life but I'm sure he would side with Bryan. Time to get more guns. Unfortunately Kaitlyn not only has a protective dad but two older brothers that are just about as protective. Those poor boys that come and pick her up.

MELISSA said...

shoot, if I have a girl, will that just give Scott more excuses to buy additional guns? Maybe I should be wishing for boys.

I remember "stomps" in Jr. high but I don't remember slow dancing until church dances at 14. Boy, she has grown up fast!