Monday, September 15, 2008

Favorite Things

My baby. My Miss Mae. My little Lilian. I can't believe she is 15 months old already. Here are some of her favorite things that help get us through our day:

The favorite blanket. Soft on one side and silky on the other. When she's upset and we go find her blanket, she starts gasp, gasp, gasping for it, she's so excited. And then when she gets it in her hot little hands she puts it up next to her face and goes, "Ahhh."

Thank Heavens for the Baby Einstein movies!! And thank Heavens for Katie who introduced me to them. Lilian loves them and it's a life saver for me.

Like her siblings before her, her favorite book is "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb." She's even got the actions down. I think I could recite this book from memory.

Shoes. Oh my. She's already into shoes. She would happily wear shoes all day...running around at home, taking naps, whatever. I'll hear her say "Momma!" and turn around to find one in her hand and her foot in the air. Sometimes she'll pull all of them out of her closet and we'll sit for awhile putting them each on one after another, after another.

This is Lilian's new stroller. She loves it. We go for walks in it almost daily and she won't even wiggle to get out! I think she likes the fact that her feet dangle and she can kick them around.

Lilian has been hugely into puzzles lately. We do them every day. Every single day...

Ah, the bottle. It took me ages to get her to be receptive to taking one. Now it's one of her favorite things and I'm starting to worry about how we're going to get her to give it up!

Yep, I'm definitely one of Lilian's favorite things. Sigh. I'm glad. It warms my heart. Nothing better than to hear her calling out "Momma!" from her crib in the morning and walking in to a HUGE smile. But sometimes, when she's attached to my hip and won't let me put her down without a lot of screaming and arms wrapped around my legs...then I wish her sisters were a bit higher on the list, you know?


The Snow's said...

What a fun blog. Are you thinking in terms of scrapbooking/journal writing when you do your blogs? That's a fun blog to have for the future.

Mindy said...

Oh she is so sweet. I love to keep track of things like that to show them when they grow up. Right now im really into keeping track of things they say, it's great.

Shauna said...

She is so cute. I still remember being in the mothers room with you at church with our newborn babies. Time flies!

Croft Family said...

OOOOHHH that is such a cute post. But you forgot the picture her favorite Aunt (on the croft side. Just kidding, oh I just love that little girl.